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 Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules & Guidelines   Tue Jun 23, 2015 6:42 pm

I am generally a pretty laid back kind of person.  My rules are simple…
Treat each other with respect.  
No bashing or ganging up on someone.
Keep language to a minimum – I am okay with light swearing, but let's keep it to that.  I do not, in any way, want anyone to be offended here.
You will be reading, discussing & questioning things like methadone, recovery, treatments & clinic options, as well as drug use. These are all sensitive subjects and can turn heated & become emotional, so let’s remember that when talking.  Try to maintain a cool head.  If you are getting frustrated, step away for a bit.  
I understand how hard it can be opening up to people, especially people you do not know.  Now I can not control anyone here, nor do I or would I want to.  I am asking, though, that if you are sharing anything with people outside of this group just use a bit of discretion.  I know we live all over and the chances of running into each other are slim, but I want everyone to feel comfortable here.  
Now as I said above, I am a pretty laid back person.  That being said, my tolerance level for bullshit is low.  All I ask is that you treat everyone the way you want & expect to be treated.

Thank you,

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Rules & Guidelines
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